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Monday, 29 April 2013

How to get more likes and reputation on your Facebook page - Strategies and examples


Facebook Likes
Facebook Likes
Facebook pages can be very interesting and more importantly profitable. You have a fan page and you want to increase your likes, reputation and reach. If you follow some useful tips and steps you will end up with a very successful fan page that can bring profit.

If you dedicate your time without having in mind what can and cannot bring you profit then that can be a waste of time. And time is important. You don't want to waste your time and in future have none profitable page. So follow the steps given below and keep in mind that consistent work and effort will one day bring you a better life.


You should have an idea of what you want to share on your fan page. Not all users have same taste and not all of them are looking for the same content you offer. So you should think and target contents that can attract different audience. As they say - give me an idea and i will do the rest. In these days of modern technology innovation is what will make you a millionaire. So think before you launch your fan page.

If you already have a fan page with likes and audience and you want to learn how to gain more and more, again you should be consistent. Maximum of 2 hours daily dedication to your page can significantly increase your fan pages audience and reputation.


The content you offer is important. As we said not all people have same taste. Think before posting something. Think about your fans. What they want to hear from you. Keep in mind that if you post something that can ruin their home feed they can unlike you. Many of us want to keep our feed clear and organized.

Even if adult content, naked photos of girls, can attract many users keep in mind that every one of us wants a discretion. No one wants to see naked girl on he's home feed in front of friends and family. You should be serious because adult content can bring you audience but also can loose. A naked girl on a photo can gain reach but be sure that many of them will avoid and hide your photo from their feed, and worse than that they can unlike your fan page.

News and celebrities can be attractive. Every fan of your page will want to hear some news around the world. So even if your page is dedicated to something else, you can mix things with something that can gain reach. But there are some things you should know before posting an article from other source. 

Photos that you post can get likes. And others will see what their friend liked. Photos attract our eye meaning that if i like some photo, my friends will see what i liked and they can find it interesting. If so you gain more audience. On the other hand links that you share are less attractive because they are from an outer source. And many users are just too lazy to leave facebook and look at your link. Not because they dont like it but just because they want to keep and scroll down on facebooks home feed.

But keep in mind that unique articles can also attract users. Carefully choose your articles title, thumbnail and description. Even if photos can be seen and liked quickly, interesting articles can keep your fans reading and searching for more content from your page. They will like your page just because you will fresh their feed with some interesting news and articles.


Marketing is what makes you important and big. Facebook has a way of sharing and promoting your post on the Sponsored field. But you need to pay facebook for this. If you think that your post should be promoted and can gain more likes then go ahead and give Facebook a few bucks. Maybe you will earn more from that. Remember to get successful you need to invest in something.

Another way of marketing and promoting your posts is by sharing your fan page or posts on other more powerful fan pages. They will want you to pay them, but again remember that one day you can be the one asked to do marketing for some other page.

Admins often contact blogs and other websites to make a deal. They can share their posts on their facebook page in compensation of sharing or putting your Facebook Like Box on their website.

Keeping things clean and elegant

You should and must trait your fans as if they were your best friends. Don't disappoint them. Dont ask from them to Like your photo. Dont ask from them to comment on your photo. Don't force them to like your photo by touching their feelings and pride. And don't touch their nation and religion to gain more likes. Try to avoid things like nationality racism  and religion. Jokes can anger your fans. They can dislike your page even if you joked with nationality racism or religion. Try to be more serious. Try to be funny but in the same time attractive and serious. You are doing business not war between different nationalities or religions.

Don't share fake links with fake thumbnails. It's simple. Be more original. More serious and don't lie your fans. Many of them will be disappointed if you only think of your business and not their interest and feelings.

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