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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Digital Library: Data Design with UML, identifying couple of business processes


Digital Library
Analyzing the data and designing core and supporting processes for a certain problem is very crucial in Software Development. In fact the requirements and the analysis of the data is the first step to do in the development of a software.

To demonstrate Data Design and identification of core processes  i have taken the Digital Library as case example. The Data Design has been made with UML (Unified Modelling Language) specifically with the Activity Diagrams which task is the identification of the activities of a certain problem, and to lesser degree Component Diagrams to hide several details for syb-systems like Databases and Sales Improvement which in turn provide and accept functions. 

Digital Library

Digital Library- UML Diagrams explanation

A typical Digital Library starts with the Customer or End User logging in to the system. Our System checks/asks whether he is registered or not. If not then he should register to our Database, if yes then he should login. Then in turn the System checks whether the login credentials are true. If not then he should try his username/password combo again. If yes then:

He should search for a book, then in turn this search goes to Sales Improvement component which theoretically i defined as a collection of classes which will make possible for smarter and more detailed access to datas. Sales Improvement component responses the query for the book and checks whether that book exists or not. If yes then the Customer can Purchase the book. Then it depends whether the Customer wants to purchase the book now or he will do it latter by putting it in a Wanted List.

If the book that the Customer is not found then the Customer has the option to put it in Wanted List which in comparison to the previous example it makes us know that our Customer wants a book that we don't momentally have, it is possible that more than one Customer can ask for the same book which gives signal to our Library to make it possible to Purchase it.

Now, if the Customer don't want to put it in Wanted List he can decide whether to Continue Searching for other books or End the Searching.

The System has an Automatic Message notification syb-system. Which informs the Clients about various books from various fields depending from the Customer preferences from the past searching which is saved into the Database so we can target them either individually or in groups. For more general notifications the System uses Social Networking sites like Facebook.

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  1. I like the post.

    The UML Design is very good. You managed to catch many activities or processes. But, is it proper to mix packaging diagrams with activity diagrams?

  2. Yes, there is no problem if you want to catch up some kind of constraint or specifity of your system. They are called nested UML diagrams. But, you need to be cautious where to use them.



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