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Sunday, 20 January 2013

New Ubuntu Mobile Operating System


Ubuntu Mobile OS
Ubuntu Community has recently announced their new release, open source Ubuntu Mobile Operating System which aims to enter the racing game with Google's Android. Ubuntu plans to release this devices by late 2013.

Ubuntu for Mobiles is described as fast OS with basic code and no Java overhead. It uses the same drivers as Android so customers can have better experience.

Moreover, they have published their new SDK which makes it easier for developers to code in HTML5. So, they have their Web App System which let us adapt any web as an app on the phone which in turn runs separately from the browser.

Since the core apps of Ubuntu MobileOS don't run on a Java Virtual Machine the User Interface is more flexible or let us say luxurious. In addition, we have the option to customize Ubuntu with our services, apps and branding without interfering with the Ubuntu app ecosystem. Ubuntu MobileOS is labeled as "superphone that's also PC" which points out to the fact that this new MobileOS enables a new category of phones that dock to become full PCs and thin cliens. All in all, Ubuntu promises to take advantage of multi-core handsets to link the mobile experience of Android and the Ubuntu desktop experience.

To be clear, Ubuntu MobileOS is built around the Android kernel and drivers except that it doesn't use the Java Virtual Machine to run it's core and other apps. The MobileOS will support ARM and x86 processors which implies that most of Android hardware manufacturers and developers would have no problem to use the operating system.

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