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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Age of Empires II HD


Age of Empires II HD
Age of Empires II HD
I suppose you remember the Age of Empires II which was so widespread and popular game before. Well, the classical strategy game from Microsoft is being updated and is coming in 9th April.

Age of Empires II was perhaps one of the few games i have spent so much time in playing it. It is a Microsoft masterpiece and an update to this classic is the right answer from Microsoft. Microsoft announced that Age of Empires II HD Edition has been remastered for high resolution displays at 1080p. It also includes an enhanced visual engine sporting improved textures for terrain, water and fire, and ambient lighting effects.

Steamworks features for Age of Empires II HD Edition include achievements, leader boards, matchmaking, and cloud support. In addition, gamers can share user created content through the Steam Workshop. We are looking forward for more detailed descriptions regarding the update.

Regarding the minimum system requirements, Microsoft revealed them today. 

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 Pro

Steam Software Platform

900x600 minimum display resolution

Direct X 9 Capable GPU

1.2GHz CPU



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