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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

I want to be a Web Developer, where do i start ?


So you have a feeling like you want to create some art on Internet that others can enjoy it ? Or maybe you have ideas that no one else can understand and you want to start on your own.

Or you have your own business you want to expand it on the internet. Whatever the reason you want to start learning how to create unique beautiful interactive websites.

Web Development is one of the most trending fields in the world of Information Technologies with the most innovation and success. Probably you want to enter this world but you have no idea where to start, how to start and what to learn. Here are some guides to get you started, if you feel yourself a complete beginner.

Preparing yourself

You are going to enter a whole new world. If you want to be a web developer you will face many barriers on your way. However if you manage to push forward that is what will make you a professional. You should always consider things that will thread you, and remember your target goal.

Frustration, stress, loneliness


As a beginner you have many ideas you want to bring them to life. However you are a complete noob on designing and programming websites. And you dont want to pay others to do this for you. You should always keep your ideas on your head, because during your way of learning web programming you will become frustrated, alone, stressful, and helpless. This will happen dyring your late nights of studying when everyone else is sleeping, and you cant just make things work. But as i said remember your target goal, and push forward because if you manage to break those hard moments and keep up straight you are on your way to becoming one of the next most known people on the Developers World.

So where do i start ?

Here i will give you steps on what to learn.  Im not going to teach you  those things im just going to point what to learn and you should start searching the web on those topics.
First of all you should start with the basics. And that is HTML. HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language is the final result of every page you see on the internet. Thus if you right click on a page and go to View Source everything you see there is HTML. Those are building blocks of the page you see. HTML wraps any content you have on your website and makes them appear different based on the element that is used.
So you will start with HTML. Jump in and visit this website. http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp

Then you will start learning CSS. With CSS you can stylize your website and transform that ugly selfish view of your page on stunning eyecatching interactive design. CSS is what will make your websites have different fonts, text colors, background colors, content positioning and other wonderful stuff. In one word HTML and CSS are married together. Dont break them away.

After you complete these, you are ready to enter the world of Pro's. You will want to start learning PHP. Thats right PHP. PHP is a scripting language that sits on the Server Side of your website. This means that the code in PHP is executed on the Server. PHP makes websites more dynamic and this means that instead of having to write 10 pages of HTML code you can do only 1 page and dynamically load different content based on the request that is sent to the Server. However PHP is also married. You will know this only when you start learning PHP and complete the basics. MySQL is the lady that PHP is never separated off.
When you create websites you have data. Those data may be different informations based on the target of your website. Like if you have a community you have users that have informations like name, username, password etc. You will want to store those data's somewhere. That is where databases come into play.

Everything you website holds. All data's are registered in tables on the database. Databases will make you a complete professional web developer. You cannot be a pro if you dont know what databases are and how to create, manipulate and manage them. So you might also want to read books on this topic.

MySQL is known as DBMS ( Database Management System ) that has commands in itself for manipulating databases, like querying data's, modifying tables etc. PHP goes with MySQL. On your PHP scripts you will want to query data's from your database tables and this is done with MySQL commands.

For example if you have a login page. You ask from a visitor to enter its username and password. When the press the Login Button ( or press enter ) you will want to take those data, and search your databases tables and compare every username and password you have there with the ones the user has given in. If you find any unique matches, you transfer the user to a page that can only be seen if that user is logged in, and display different informations for example its profile picture, about page etc...


This comes in to mix when you will want your websites to be more interactive, and responsive. Javascript is a code that is executed on Clients web browser. Thus javascripts commands are executed by your browser. When you request a page from the Server, that page is filled in with informations and rendered to the final browser page. This render can then be manipulated with javascript for example if you want to have sliders, buttons popping up, backgrounds changing, and other stunning animations. Javascript can be very handy if you know how to use it. jQuery on the other hand is a Javascript library that has made things much easier. Many functions are prepared for you just to use them. Thus jQUery is a packed library that has simplified functions of Javascript, ready for you to use them anytime you want.


So the steps of becoming a professional web pro HTML CSS PHP MySQL Javascript/jQuery. However these are not enough. You will see that in the world of web development you will always have something new to learn. Techniques and design ideas will always be there. There are different technologies out there that you will face. For example PHP is not the only thing you might want to learn for dynamic websites. You might want to try ASP.NET or Ruby. Also Javascript/jQUery are not the only ones that would make your website responsive. You might want to take a look on AJAX that will make your website more Live and fast. With this you see that there will be always things out there that you will not know. You cannot know everything so you will always be on the process of learning. However it is enough for you to create professional websites if you know just HTML CSS PHP MySQL. Everything else is a plus for you.

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