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Thursday, 14 March 2013

The process of Innovation


I suppose everyone asks questions as what are the innovation drivers? Well, observing the world and it's complex events we can firmly deduce that one of key innovation drivers are the market pull, technology push, and society demand.

 To this point it's clear that depending on the market demand we concentrate on creating or bringing something new and innovative to that market, innovation also depends on the demands or needs of the society as well as the push from technology. The basis for Innovation would stand the Creativity. But, how can we define creativity? Well, it's already defined and we will only quote it.

“Creative people pay attention to their world, see things differently, challenge assumptions, take risks, are not afraid to fail, and strive to generate multiple solutions to problems. They are passionate about creativity and seek opportunities to innovate.”


Creativity is a result of combined efforts of skills, motivation and expertise. We should clarify that it's not something which we inherit from birthrate but we build or improve it with time. At the other hand, Innovation within organization is a result from Resources, Management Practices and  Organizational Motivation.


As you see, there is a two way relationship between Individual Creativity and Innovation within Organization. Creativity feeds Innovation while the Working Environment impacts creativity.

Innovation is known for having 4Ps (4 broad categories).


The first P of Innovation is People which:  Addresses the issues related to PEOPLE, such as individual differences and teamwork.

Second P of Innovation is Pressure which:  Press is short for pressure - that is, the context within which people, process and product operate. The environment, both internal and external to the organisation,
presses in on and out from the organisation.

Third P of Innovation is Process which deals with questions such as: What are the mechanisms and processes that lead to innovative products, services, processes or procedures?

The fourth P of Innovation is Product which:  What makes products, services, practices or procedures innovative?

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  1. Creativity has little to nothing to do with skill. Innovation, I believe, is the word you're looking for.

  2. "Creativity has little to nothing to do with skill. Innovation, I believe, is the word you're looking for."

    Well, there is a consensus that Creativity is a cross section between skills, motivation, and expertise. It has not solely to do with skills.



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