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Monday, 15 April 2013

Learning programming concepts through a game


Light Bot
Light Bot
Learning programming concepts can be quite abstract and not catching for youngsters and many  people who enter the world of programming. ArmorGames have found a way to express their programming skills through a game.

That's it ! You can now learn some basic programming concepts by playing a very interesting and logical game. Light-Bot is not only a interesting game but also a funny and interactive way of learning the programming concepts. As a main protagonist of the game you have a robot which needs to reach the blue box and switch the light.

So, you have the robot, the surface divided into quadrangles, and you have couple of options/buttons which are visible in the picture below and are positioned at the top of the screen which role are to give movement instruction to the robot.


The MAIN METHOD: is the main section of the game and the place were the available options are putted to give instructions to the robot how to move.

As an addition you have 2 other section areas where you can put movement instructions for the robot, they are called as Function 1 and Function 2. Function 1 and Function 2 are also available in the set of controls located at the top of the screen which can be putted at the MAIN METHOD section. During the game you can for sure detect a recurring patterns of the moving of the robot. By putting that recurring patterns in a function and calling it in the MAIN METHOD (where the actual instructions for the movement of the robot are made) you can shorten the steps of movements and repeating the same things again.


Regarding the options/buttons or the set of controls which are located at the top of the screen we have:

Straight line: which moves the robot per one box.

Turn right: it turns the robot in the right direction (it just changes the direction, it doesn't move per one box).

Turn left: it turns the robot in the left direction.

Jump: the robot jumps into boxes.

Light bulb: when you reach the blue box you need to put the light bulb to signal the successful pass of the level.

Function 1 && Function 2: as i already said function 1 and function 2 have almost the same role as MAIN METHOD which is responsible for the collections of the commands that instructs the robot how to move. In the game we can detect some recurring patterns of the movement of the robot to reach the blue box. Then, you can use the option Function 1 or Function 2 at the MAIN METHOD which simplifies the steps.

At the bottom of the screen you have the button GO! which you should click it after you have finished putting the instructions for the movement of the robot at the MAIN METHOD  section.

Light-Bot tries to explain some basic programming concepts as the set of controls, main method, functions in a very easy and interesting way.  Try the game and enjoy playing and meantime learning some of the concepts of programming:


Also, lately there is an Android version of the game:


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