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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Learn coding at Codecademy


Do you want to learn coding but you find the material on books very hard and not catchy for your brain?

Codecademy which is an online interactive website offers you a great and simply way to start your first steps toward the world of programming with a special interest on the Web.


Many of newbies find programming to be abstract, hard and not so catchy. Introduction books on programming although are well written still don't fulfill our needs. You need to have a lot of patience to enter the world of programming/coding. Codecademy is an answer for your problem. With their philosophy "learn by doing" and interactive online lectures with integrated editor (where you write your actual code) Codecademy is quite an attractive place to start your first coding steps. It has attracted millions of people worldwide. Codecademy covers topics such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Python, Ruby, PHP, and learning about APIs.

Filling the void

The story of the creation of Codecademy is interesting and starts with the political student Zach Sims and Computer Science graduate Ryan Bubinski. They wanted to create a Y-Combinator  which is a start-up incubator. The two friends had a problem, Zach Sims didn't know coding. Introductory books on programming were not satisfactory for him. That's how the idea of creating Codecademy was born.

As i already mentioned, Codecademy follows the logic "learn by doing", you learn and practice it in the integrated editor interchangeably. The learning section on the left panel has clear cut instructions of what you should code at the editor.

Codecamy screenshot

Codecademy is the exact tool which we were in need and there was a void in this aspect since lectures on the web were not as interactive and easy to learn. It was either long video lectures or long textual lectures. Things don't end here, every programming guru can also teach million of others by creating courses.

Codecamy Teaching Section
Codecamy teaching section


Codecademy is certainly one big step toward more interactive lectures that are provided in the internet. Millions of people worldwide are using Codecademy to teach themself programming basics through their excellent courses. It is a website with great potention and with big rise.
Be a part of this community and register.
Happy Coding!

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