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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Which programming language should i learn ? - Answer yourself !


Programming Languages
Programming Languages
Choosing a programming language can be difficult. It all depends on your needs. But the overall logic is always the same. When programming you are solving problems. When choosing a programming language you are not choosing simplicity, rather you are changing the syntax of commands you write.

So do not be trolled by the idea that there is a language that is easier and can do complex tasks. Remember a programming language is not a software. It all depends on what you are going to program. Even assembly can be easy if you use it just to multiply two numbers.

But if you decide to program a game it will be challenging no matter what language you choose. To answer your questions, you must answer to us some questions. Below try to answer everything, and only then you will pick up the right choice for you.

Are you a beginner ?

If you are a beginner and want to learn programming then go ahead and start with Algorithms. Algorithms are paths to solving problems. When you will start to think and logic on how to solve a problem, you are on your e way to programmers world. That is what programmers all do. They solve problems. They write programs that will solve different problems.

Problem solving begins with blueprints, plans and drawing on paper. Even the simplest problems require your brain to think and process. Programming is not just playing around. It requires your brain to be in maximum concentration. And more importantly do not allow yourself to be one of those Copy & Paste programmers that just search for functions and solutions to their problems. If so, you may solve small problems, but you are never going to be clever enough to challenge complex things.

You have just realized what really programming is. So you want to actually write something that will make you proud of yourself. It is fun to program because it allows you to own your creation. So a programming language becomes a problem. What is what and what is for ?

You are choosing syntax or a language ?

doing wrong-programmingC++ has been around here long time ago, and yet it is the most powerful language used by different audiences starting from independent developers to giant companies like Microsoft or Google. So why not start with that ? Oh, probably you have heard that it is very difficult. Well it is because it does not hide from you many important details like Java or Visual Basic does.

Even for the simplest problems it requires from you to write long lines of code. However start with simple problems, start with Hello World. Get yourself used in writing code but yet keeping in mind that same logic can be applied to different languages. It just changes the syntax on how you write and format the code. When you realize programming concepts, when you get used to a language like C++ you can easily program on other languages. You may encounter syntax problems, different styles of writing code but hey listen to a story ! Once upon a day on my university a professor was lecturing in programming concepts. In a moment he got confused. How embarrassing! He forgot the function name that finds the maximum of two numbers. But he had a point there. He told us that programming is not memorizing commands and functions, yet it is a way of pushing your brain to logic and think. Programming is problem solving.

You may forget a function name, or command syntax but no worry there is Google for that. It is enough to know what you are looking and trying to solve. The rest is syntax dependent.

You are searching for simplicity yet to beat complexity ?

Hold on ! You are wrong here ! Simplicity is not equal to Complexity ( S != C ). True is not equal to False. You are in a paradox which means you are not thinking as a programmer.

So if you search for an easy to use language and yet planning to program a game then you are doomed. Sorry to hear that but it is a fact. Many programmers give up and transfer to other language because they cannot push forward. They think it is too hard for them.

Keep in mind that if you manage to break those hard moments you are going to be the next Bill Gates. You cannot choose Visual Basic just because it allows you to drag & drop buttons with Visual Studio. That will make you lazy. Oh right there is Java ! Java can easily create buttons and yet it sounds professional. Java is very popular and powerful language. You may start with that, but hey how will you know what a class is when Java is all object oriented.

Friends or Foes ?

You read all those battles between programming languages. You think they are in a war ? Programming languages are not in a conflict, but again you cannot be friends with all of them. No no ! You a C++ guy cannot talk with Java guy. He will slooooow you down. Probably C++ vs Java = Space Ship vs Boeing. Keep things clean.

You want to learn programming and you dont want to lack on something. Do not conflict between programming languages. They share same concepts but they differ in many ways. Some are more fast processing, some are more syntax easy, some hide complex things and some are just toys for kids.

You smell career in the world of programming ?

If you think that programming is your future, then you must start serious. So firstly clean up things with programming concepts.

Then carefully choose a programming language that is complex but begin with simplest steps. On your way you may face many problems, headaches but if you manage to push forward you are on the right way.

Remember when programming you are solving problems. If you know to solve a problem in one language you can easily translate that to other. Start with C or C++. When you master those Java or C# or other languages will not be a problem.


In this text we have not talked about who versus who. What is better then what. Rather we try to tell you that conflicting programming languages is wrong. Comparing them is wrong. They are all good in their way. The problem is you should see things with a programmers eyes. Always remember : Programming is problem solving not syntax memorizing. Go ahead and learn programming concepts then start with a language that will someday make you proud of yourself.

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