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Friday, 26 April 2013

A comparison between iPhone and Android


iPhone vs Android
iPhone vs Android
iPhone and Android are the biggest sharers of smartphone market in the world, and apparently they offer the best and fastest smartphones with the latest technologies being applied into their respective models.

But some question arises, which is better, iPhone or Android? Or, which of the phones suits you better? In this article we will try to make a comparison between these two smartphone giants. iPhone which comes together in package with it's mobile Operating System iOS is made by the giant company Apple. It has a closed source Operating System (which means that no modification to the software is available or allowed) in comparison with the Android which is an open source System made and maintained by Google Inc.


samsung galaxy s3As i already said, Android has an open source code and it's code is available to anyone. Many hardware manufacturers (like Samsung, LG, HTC) use it to add some extra and specific functionality to their devices ( like HTC ONE's Sense 5 User Interface). The open source orientation of Android has a lot of advantages especially to more adventurous types who want to modify and edit their phones for their own likeness. Android phones, or better saying Android mobile OS comes integrated into many different mobile devices (like HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola) while iPhone/iOS comes in packet from Apple.

In the past iPhone has had a total domination in the market until the inclusion of the Android Mobile OS from Google which started gradually to take the market share of smartphones. To be honest, Samsung mobile devices have helped a lot to define Android as it is, especially the awarded mobile phone of the year Samsung Galaxy S III which by many has become indistinguishable from it's Mobile Operating System Android.

It's clear that when hardware design comes in consideration iPhone rules out, although Samsung Galaxy S series have a quite astonishing design too. iPhone mobile OS is a robust system and working with it feels quite comfortable. Whatever your decision which platform you should try iPhone or Android, one thing is for sure, you would not regret about getting either one.


Regarding the application part, both platforms have tremendous number of applications and their number is rising. Android offers the applications through Google Play market while iPhone has it's App Store.

iPhone has a bit advantage here since the application developers don't have to take care too much about screen size since the mobile OS and the smartphone come in one package iPhone while Android is hosted into many different mobile devices, but that doesn't stop the tremendous rise of Android applications in the Google Play Market.


Finally, although i am a great fan of iPhone i must say that Android and it's open source code has had a bigger advantage into the market, especially seeing the new awesome software features that Samsung Galaxy S IV will soon bring out. According to statistics Android is gradually taking over the world and is becoming the Mobile OS choice of most mobile hardware manufacturers.

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